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Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the connectedness of people and things on a scale that once was unimaginable.

The benefits driving IoT are increasingly numerous as more and more organizations and industries integrate new technologies into their IT infrastructures.

Intelligent Facilities

The IoT turns existing or new facilities into fully converged, secure, and intelligent environments. Interoperability across all systems improves operations and management, reduces energy cost, and enhances safety and security.


The IoT plays a significant role in a broad range of healthcare applications resulting in cost-effective, high-quality care. The benefits include faster more effective care, improved patient satisfaction and safety, better communication, and enhanced technology investments.


The IoT is a key element in the next stage of manufacturing, and its potential to improve efficiency in the manufacturing process and the supply chain is immense. Implementing IoT solutions enables a level of orchestrated production never before seen, helping companies design more innovative products, improve operations and predictive maintenance, and compete more effectively for aftermarket services.

Physical Security

The proliferation of things - systems, machines, equipment, and devices - connected to the Internet and each other creates a significant need for physical security. Security elements such as access badges, cameras, phones, and gates, will be digital nodes on the Internet of Things. This presents new network security challenges, as the growing number and variety of connected devices increases the number of potential cyber threats. The IoT cannot be successful in any organization without integrated security for both the physical and network infrastructure.

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