MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management

Mobile Data Security and Device Management for Enterprises

MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management combines traditional mobile device management capabilities with comprehensive security and app capabilities. A mobile IT administrator can manage the lifecycle of the device and its apps, from registration to retirement, and quickly get mobile operations under control.

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Products included:

MobileIron Sentry
MobileIron Sentry is an intelligent gateway that provides security enhanced tunneling and access control to protect data-in-motion for the mobile enterprise. Sentry supports email, app, document and web traffic, and establishes session trust through the use of certificates to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. With Sentry, only protected, authorized services can access enterprise resources, and that access can be automatically disabled if the mobile user or device falls out of compliance.

MobileIron Atlas
MobileIron Atlas is an advanced management and reporting console that provides highly scalable administration, reporting, monitoring and troubleshooting across the Mobile IT lifecycle. Atlas collects information on device and application metrics and status, identifies potential issues, and provides actionable insights that enable an administrator to assess critical information and apply corrective steps.