MobileIron Docs@Work

Secure Mobile Access to Email Attachments and SharePoint

MobileIron Docs@Work gives users an intuitive way to access, store and view documents from email and SharePoint, and lets the administrator establish data-loss prevention controls to protect these documents from unauthorized distribution.

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Features include:

Secure Content Hub
MobileIron Docs@Work creates a security enhanced content hub for users to access and manage corporate documents. This hub allows users to safely view and store documents in specific apps on their devices, which are defined by IT. The content hub also selectively wipes documents when a user or device falls out of compliance and blocks clipboard actions (cut/copy/paste) for enterprise content. Docs@Work controls whether third-party apps can access stored documents, and utilizes policies, users, roles, groups and permissions already set in MobileIron Advanced Mobile Management.

Email Attachment Security
Docs@Work, together with the MobileIron Sentry intelligent gateway, has the ability to safeguard email attachments. Docs@Work can scan email for attachments and filter the attachments. If necessary, it can protect the attachments so only MobileIron Docs@Work can open them, and block "open in" access to the attachments. For iOS, this is done in the native iOS email. For Android, users must use MobileIron Email+ or Nitrodesk TouchDown for email (at an additional cost).

SharePoint Access
Among MobileIron customers, SharePoint is the most common content repository and collaboration suite. MobileIron Docs@Work gives mobile users security enhanced access to SharePoint content, and gives administrators the ability to establish appropriate mobile policies for SharePoint – such as blocking "open in" access and clipboard actions for enterprise content.