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TechSmith Relay

Organization-wide Presentation and Lecture Capture

An organization-wide learning solution, TechSmith Relay gives anyone the ability to record and share videos securely, and measure their impact. TechSmith Relay includes an easy-to-use desktop and mobile recorder, built-in quizzing and analytics.
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With just three clicks, you can capture and share your knowledge. Host content wherever you like, and share easily to places you know, including YouTube, Kaltura, your own website, and more.


Capture a live presentation and turn it into a shareable video
Camtasia Relay is screen recording software that runs off of your organizations server. It records any live lectures, presentations, or meetings then produces and publishes them into shareable, high-quality videos for viewers to access on-demand.

Encourage everyone to be a content creator
Build an internal knowledge base by giving experts from any department the ability to share what they know. Encourage visual communication with tools that anyone can use, not just video pros. TechSmith Relay makes it easy for everyone to create and share video.

Manage your video library effortlessly
Video content management is easy with TechSmith Relay. Create groups to easily share content among coworkers, or send shareable links to any learning management system. And deployment and maintenance is simple for system administrators since there's no need to set up any hardware and account creation is integrated with Google IDs.

View trends and measure success
Video analytics allow you to easily see who is watching your video and which parts they've viewed. Create quizzes to mark view progress and check comprehension across your workplace.

Create and view videos from your mobile device
Record real world content, capture meetings, or illustrate IT issues as the happen from your iOS or Android mobile device. Then, send your videos directly to TechSmith Relay with TechSmith Fuse. Anyone can watch published videos and complete quizzes on nearly any device.