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    Data Center Assessments

    Do you prefer foresight over hindsight?

    Your data center is the only place where all of your organization's different mission-critical technologies interconnect. Working on any aspect of this complex ecosystem requires an accurate understanding of every aspect. Our proprietary tools provide you with the verifiable documentation you need to see your way to success.

    Server Assessment

    Storage and server solutions designed without running an assessment run the risk of not being properly sized and not performing well in production. Additionally, an oversized solution may be incorrectly priced, which may exclude you from being competitive. This assessment identifies potential bottlenecks or hotspots that can be used to design a "right-sized" environment.

    • Remote agent-less gathering of core requirements such as disk IO, throughput, capacity and memory utilization
    • Analyze server workload and capacity requirements
    • Generate Aggregation of Resource Needs Report or Individual Server Report

    Storage Assessment

    Improperly sized storage is a top cause of poor application performance and poor user experience. This assessment will provide the information needed to build and/or implement the appropriately sized environment in order to enhance productivity.

    • Collect log files from any major storage or backup vendor and process
    • Evaluate storage capacity utilization, IO usage, duplication ratios, and other metrics
    • Report overall health of storage or backup system.
    • Benchmark proper size requirements for new storage and backup platforms.

    Networking Assessment

    This assessment analyzes the health and reliability of the network to detect any points of failure or misconfigurations that could lead to an outage or costly downtime. It is particularly beneficial during a network refresh or upgrade to ensure compatibility with your existing infrastructure or environment.

    • Analyze network traffic
    • Determine the source of any bottlenecks
    • Recommend any reconfigurations or hardware solutions to remediate issues

    Virtualization Assessment

    Virtualization provides many benefits, but has also created a type of sprawl where IT can lose track of which virtual servers are running and whether they are optimally tuned.

    • Analyze and inventory the virtualized environment
    • Evaluate virtual environment configuration and performance
    • Determine overall efficiency, risk, and health
    • Provide recommendations to enhance performance and leverage tools and mananagement more fully.

    Zones Discovery Services (ZDS) Assessment

    A clear picture of the devices, brands, and licenses on your network is critical to effectively managing assets and costs. Zones Discovery Services (ZDS) combines tools, people, and processes to help you quickly and effortlessly gain deep insight into everything that's on your corporate network - and what you need to know about it - to plan for upcoming projects, eliminate unnecessary costs, and minimize risk.

    • Collect detailed information from every endpoint on the network - routers, switches, PCs, servers, printers and iOS and Android devices
    • Collect complete software inventory
    • Identify over- and under-licensing issues
    • Flag any warranty or support exposure
    • Provide detailed report and recommendations