Environmental Sustainability

Green and sustainable

Zones is committed to reducing the impact that information technology has on the environment. As a supportive ally of the planet and the communities we serve, we maintain policies and processes to help us minimize our impact on the environment, both in our offerings and in the choices we make in the course of doing business.
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Zones tracks environment-related indicators in the following areas: power consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, waste disposal and recycling, and water usage. Zones Corporate Policy on Environmental Affairs calls for the company to publicly disclose information on its environmental programs and performance.

To help our clients meet or exceed environmental standards, we provide green IT services and asset management services as well as environmentally friendly products. Zones works with manufacturers to offer servers, computers, notebooks, monitors, and consumables that have environmentally friendly attributes evidenced by their ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT ratings.

Zones coordinates and conducts a comprehensive selection of environmentally friendly services for clients. These include virtual environment conversion, carbon footprint assessments, multifunction printer installation, data center retrofitting, network storage consolidation, lifecycle management, electronic document archiving, and others.

As a leading technology provider serving clients around the world, Zones is committed to preserving the local and global environment by minimizing the impact associated with internal business operations, including:

  • Green Packaging
  • Internal Recycling
  • Server Consolidation
  • Environmentally friendly printing program (Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and use of soy-based ink)

At our offices around the world, we've also instituted programs designed to reduce our use of water, electricity, and fossil fuels.

Zones partners with IT manufacturers who also support environment sustainability by offering technology equipment recycle program.

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