Security Solutions

Today's networks go beyond traditional walls and include data centers, endpoints, web and email gateways, virtual systems, and mobile devices. Evolving new attacks spawn and are stealthier than ever, evading traditional point-in-time technologies. At Zones, we know and have what's needed. Cisco security solutions that provide pervasive protection across the full attack continuum, end to end.

Cisco Next-Generation Firewall

Block more threats and quickly mitigate those that do breach your defenses with the industry's first threat-focused NGFW. Cisco NGFW appliances combine proven network firewall with the industry's most effective next-gen IPS and advanced malware protection. All so you can get more visibility, be more flexible, save more, and protect better.

Here are three quick facts about Cisco NGFW:

  1. Fastest time to detection
  2. 100% breach detection rate
  3. Approx. $184K first year savings
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Cisco Advanced Malware Protection

Increase visibility and control to defeat advanced attacks. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) provides breach prevention, continuous monitoring of malicious behavior, rapid malware detection, and malware removal. Our security team will help you find the best AMP deployment for you.

  • AMP for Endpoints - Free Trial Offer
  • AMP for Networks
  • AMP for Email Security
  • AMP for Web Security
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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella helps you to adopt cloud securely. With it, you can better manage security for the way the world works today. It protects users against threats anywhere they access the internet, and it protects your data and applications in the cloud.

  • Block threats earlier
  • Extend protection
  • Secure users, data, apps
  • Enable secure cloud use

If you need to protect users anywhere they go, Cisco Umbrella (formerly OpenDNS) provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet, wherever users go.

Mobile security starts here with a Cisco Umbrella 21-day free trial

Cisco Email Security

Cisco Email Security is your defense against phishing, business email compromise, and ransomware. Cisco Email Security can even protect outgoing email through robust data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities, helping you comply with government and industry regulations.

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Shut out security threats with Cisco CloudLock.

Secure users, data, and applications in the cloud using Cisco CloudLock, a cloud access security broker, that protects against compromised accounts, data breaches, and malware.

  • User Security: CloudLock uses advanced machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies based on multiple factors. It also identifies activities outside whitelisted countries and spots actions that seem to take place at impossible speeds across distances
  • Data Security: CloudLock's data loss prevention (DLP) technology continuously monitors cloud environments to detect and secure sensitive information. It provides countless out-of-the-box policies as well as highly tunable custom policies.
  • App Security: The CloudLock Apps Firewall discovers and controls cloud apps connected to your corporate environment. You can see a crowd-sourced Community Trust Rating for individual apps, and you can ban or whitelist them based on risk.

Industry Reports

Look at industry reports covering the current state of IT security, industry outlooks, technology trends, and security products. Check here for updates.

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Cisco Security Enterprise License Agreement

Simpler and more cost-effective security.

Security simplified. Budgets augmented. Response times shortened. Cisco's security buying programs help do all that. They can simplify the way you buy security products, help your company's resources go further, and allow for instant portfolio access to help you respond faster as new security challenges arise. They even offer predictable payments spread over time.

Cisco Duo

Duo is now part of Cisco Security. With adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can proactively reduce the risk of a data breach. Verify users' identities, gain visibility into every device, and enforce adaptive policies to secure access to every application.

  • Multi-factor authentication - verify the identity of all users with strong two-factor authentication.
  • Endpoint visibility - check that users' devices meet your security standards before granting access.
  • Adaptive authentication and policy enforcement - set policies to grant or block access attempts by user or device based on contextual factors.
  • Remote access and single sign-on - seamless and secure access to cloud and on-premises applications and servers.

Let's talk about how you can detect and stop threats better with Cisco cyber security products. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 today.