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Dell Unified Threat Management

Improve your security with Dell SonicWALL and save

Is your firewall still keeping your organization safe? If it's time for an upgrade or you just want to reassess your approach, Zones can help.

Learn more about how Dell SonicWALL network security solutions block threats, not performance. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

Dell SonicWALL Network Solutions

Dell SonicWALL Security Appliances are secure, sophisticated firewalls that block threats, not performance, by examining network traffic with patented SonicWALL technology that doesn't slow your network. Used by enterprises, government agencies, schools, small businesses and more, they are unmatched at preventing intrusions, blocking malware, and controlling applications for 100 percent of network traffic.

Protect against threats AND save up to 50%

With a qualified upgrade through Secure Upgrade Plus, you get an appliance designed to block today's threats, and we give you credit for your aging device – saving you up to 50 percent. We also transfer any existing Dell Security services to your new Dell device.

Customers with existing non-Dell SonicWALL appliances now have an opportunity to take advantage of the same offer by trading in their existing devices, all while upgrading to one of the industry's leading next-generation firewalls.

Start your Dell security upgrade or competitive trade-in strategy.

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