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Dell EMS Email Continuity

Prevent email downtime and data loss

These days, business gets done with email. So, the prospect of email downtime can keep your IT staff up at night and for good reason. Outages happen and typically last for four hours or more.

Rest easier with EMS Email Continuity from Dell.

Available in minutes, EMS Email Continuity is a standby email system, hosted by Dell and delivered over the cloud that makes primary email system outages virtually invisible to end users. It helps ensure your data is never lost – no matter what happens to your email infrastructure or staff.

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With EMS Email Continuity, you can:

  • Help ensure that email is never lost and that email system outages are virtually invisible
  • Keep Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry devices running when Exchange is down
  • Activate the solution in minutes
  • Rely on failover for any subset of users, including mailbox, server or location
  • Easily deploy your solution with no infrastructure to purchase and near-zero maintenance