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Dell Access Management: Active Directory Management and Security

Streamline control and management of Active Directory environments

Control user accounts and group membership in your crucial Active Directory environments while automating a range of administrative functions to simplify management with Dell ActiveRoles Server. Streamline account creation, unify account management and go the last mile following an AD migration or consolidation.

Migrate, consolidate or restructure Active Directory as part of your identity and access management project faster, and with less resources and risk. Our ZeroIMPACT methodology of prepare, migrate, coexist and manage will help ensure trouble-free execution, no matter what the objective of your AD project, with an eye towards enterprise IAM.

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ActiveRoles Server

Simplify the security and protection of your Active Directory in order to solve security issues and meet compliance requirements with the help of ActiveRoles Server. With automated tools to efficiently manage users and groups, as well as Active Directory delegation, ActiveRoles Server helps you to overcome Active Directory's native limitations, enabling you to do your job faster. You can afford to meet your business requirements today and in the future thanks to ActiveRoles Server's modular architecture.

ChangeAuditor for Active Directory

Perform real-time tracking, analysis and reporting on all Microsoft Active Directory-based and LDAP queries. Determine the source of queries prior to a directory migration or consolidation; measure domain controller performance; and easily translate query data into the simple terms of who, what, when, where and originating workstation.

Enterprise Reporter

Enterprise Reporter is an automated, scalable solution for auditing, analyzing and reporting on Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Server, SQL Server and file servers across the enterprise. With Predefined and customizable reporting tools you can creative compliance and security assessments, Pre- and post-migration analyses, and configuration change history auditing.

Migration Manager for Active Directory

Migration Manager for Active Directory empowers you to efficiently migrate and restructure Active Directory, and ensures that migrated and non-migrated users retain secure access to critical server resources when data is moved. Simplify the migration process and integrate workflows for pre-migration analysis, setup, object migration, resource updating and post-migration cleanup.