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Dell Information Management

Get the most from your data and IT investments

Enable connected intelligence: all people using all data securely, for maximum business value.

Dell offers powerful, yet easy-to-use, solutions that span the entire breadth of the information lifecycle, enabling you to better manage data, improve data integration, and amplify the benefits of data analysis. No matter which platforms you're using, from Oracle to Hadoop and many others, Dell software solutions will complement your chosen technologies and help you get the most from your data and IT investments.

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Application and data integration

Bring together data from multiple, disparate silos across your enterprise – from on-premises systems to off-premises environments. Improve workflow and ensure the consistency, accuracy and protection of key data while reducing costs.

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Business intelligence

Accelerate all aspects of business intelligence (BI) – from data access to analysis. Enable easy, secure, self-service BI for both technical and business users. Enjoy near real-time data integration from diverse data sources.

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Big data analytics

Simplify big data challenges and enhance your data's business value by easily uncovering actionable intelligence across different data silos, including text, PDF, relational database, and sensor and social data.

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Database management

Simplify and automate database administration, development and monitoring tasks to increase productivity and achieve optimal database performance. Ensure the accuracy of your master data.

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Database replication and backup

Easily integrate databases through changed data capture technology. Plus, enable high availability and offload reporting to improve system performance. Let us help you protect and recover data while shrinking storage requirements.

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