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    Fortinet FortiADC Products

    Guarantee that applications are available, responsive, and secure


    Achieve high-performance, secure application delivery with Fortinet FortiADC. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

    As applications become more complex and security threats increase every day, delivering applications to end-users only continues to get more challenging. You need to ensure your application delivery infrastructure can meet the performance needs of your business and keep it is safe from the latest threats today and in the future.

    The FortiADC D-series of application delivery controllers (ADC) optimizes the availability, user experience, performance, and scalability of enterprise application delivery. This family of physical appliances delivers fast, secure, and intelligent acceleration and distribution of demanding applications in the enterprise.


    • Intelligent traffic management for optimized application delivery and availability
    • Server offloading for improved application acceleration, scale, and total cost of ownership
    • SSL offload for accelerating application performance
    • Comprehensive server load balancing for 99.999% application uptime
    • Global server load balancing for geographic resilience
    • Optimize WAN connectivity and ensure business continuity with link load balancing
    • Prioritize applications and manage bandwidth using Quality of Service (QoS) policies
    • Accelerate content delivery with on the fly compression
    • Browser-based Web user interface for ease of management
    • Appliance and virtual machine form factor for greatest deployment flexibility