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Simplify data protection for Hybrid IT environments.

Overcome the gaps, inefficiencies, and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies with StoreOnce VSA, the hardware agnostic, cost effective, and easy-to-deploy solution for virtualized branch offices and small and midsized business environments.

HPE StoreOnce Data Protection Backup Appliances.

HPE's StoreOnce provides flash-speed data center protection and low-cost archive and disaster recovery in the cloud that can scale from small remote offices to the largest enterprises and service providers. The data protection team at Zones can help you reduce cost, risk, and complexity with HPE's cloud ready data protection platform.

HPE StoreOnce Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)

The HPE StoreOnce VSA provides virtualized environments with deduplication for backup, scalable capacity, set-and-forget backup scheduling, and centralized monitoring and management that requires no manual intervention. You get all the features of purpose built StoreOnce Systems deployed as a software defined backup target. Plus, the portability and availability features of vSphere and Hyper-V provide added flexibility and resiliency. And up to 500 TB of usable capacity can be configured in 1 TB increment. Intelligent Federated Management further simplifies the operations with multiple StoreOnce VSA instances managed through a single console. You get a flexible and a cost effective backup target for virtualized server environments as part of a pure software defined data protection solution or in conjunction with StoreOnce purpose-built appliances for mixed environments.

HPE StoreOnce Systems

HPE StoreOnce Systems with StoreOnce Catalyst provide a single, high-performance backup architecture that spans the entire enterprise. You can reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by 95% and choose between powerful dedicated appliances for larger offices and data centers, and flexible virtual appliances for smaller and remote offices. Industry leading backup and restore speeds mean that you can meet shrinking backup windows and recovery SLAs. StoreOnce Catalyst prevents exposure of backup copies to ransomware. With StoreOnce you can dedupe anywhere and control the movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise using your backup application.

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HPE Cloud Bank Storage-Cloud-ready data protection solution for long-term data retention and disaster recovery.

HPE Cloud Bank Storage is a feature of HPE StoreOnce Systems that delivers highly efficient data transfer to, and storage in, the cloud. The combination of the HPE StoreOnce deduplication and cloud storage delivers low cost, high performance and zero risk long term retention solution. Using Cloud Bank Storage to cloud-enable your current backup and business applications, StoreOnce Systems provide even more flexibility to reduce your cost, risk and complexity.