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    IBM FlashSystem

    FlashSystem V9000

    Industry-leading performance, agile integration, and enduring economics

    All-flash arrays offering industry-leading performance, agile integration and enduring economics IBM FlashSystem V9000 is a comprehensive all-flash enterprise storage solution. FlashSystem V9000 delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore technology plus a rich set of storage virtualization features.

    FlashSystem V9000 offers the advantages of software-defined storage at the speed of flash. These all-flash storage systems deliver the full capabilities of the hardware-accelerated I/O provided by FlashCore Technology. FlashSystem V9000 also delivers the enterprise reliability of MicroLatency modules and advanced flash management, coupled with a rich set of the features found in the most advanced software-defined storage solutions. These include Real-time Compression, dynamic tiering, thin provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services, and high-availability configurations.

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    • Accelerate critical applications with the scalable performance of IBM FlashCore Technology
    • Deploy all-flash storage for less than the cost of hard-disk drives (HDDs) with IBM Real-time Compression
    • Harness the power of data using storage virtualization powered by the ultra-low response times of IBM MicroLatency
    • Accelerate time to value with agile, easy-to-implement, fully-integrated systems
    • Protect your data with a full suite of disaster-recovery tools including snapshots, clones and replication
    • Achieve advanced virtualization, provisioning and performance management with IBM Virtual Storage Center
    • Leverage advanced flash management features including IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology, IBM-engineered error correction codes, overprovisioning capabilities, ultra-fast write buffers and hardware-based data offloads
    • Achieve even higher capacity densities than previous IBM FlashSystem models and leverage an offload encryption engine, high-speed internal interfaces, and full hot swap and storage capacity scale-out capabilities
    • Provide flexibility and extend functionality to virtualized external storage capacity with management of up to 32 PB of external storage by a single IBM FlashSystem V9000 array
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