Intel Haswell Processors

Flee Windows XP! Get migration mojo with HP EliteBooks powered by new Intel processors and Windows 8

Backed by the processing power of the new 4th-generation Intel® Core™ processor family, HP's EliteBook laptop PCs provide your organization with first-class mobility, performance, security and touchscreen computing. Upgrade today to Ultrabook™ with Windows 8 to get the best in PC power, performance and productivity.

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Watch this video for more reasons to put Windows XP in your rear-view mirror.

8 reasons to upgrade to new PCs and tablets with Windows 8:


Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP, as of April 8, 2014. Not only is Microsoft terminating its support, but those providing antivirus protection, software app, web technology and device drivers are moving away from the XP platform as well.

The easiest way for organizations to upgrade their operating system is to get it on new PCs.


PC prices have gone down, not up. In the past four years, the average retail price of a new PC has dropped by $200. Now is a good time to take advantage of this trend.


PCs featuring the new 4th-generation Intel Core processor family, also known as Haswell, are more than three times faster than on a four-year-old computer.


New PCs have been found to have 33 percent fewer problems and 50 percent less downtime, and repairs are 24 percent less expensive, according to HP research.


Windows 8-powered PCs from HP come in a variety of form factors, including Ultrabook models, tablets, and all-in-one desktops with or without touchscreens.


The new Haswell processors from Intel are cooler and more energy efficient, and provide faster startup times, secure bootup and malware protection, the best Intel graphics ever and the greatest battery life increase in Intel history.


HP's Elite family of PCs and tablets, as well as those of other manufacturers, are lighter, thinner and more powerful than ever – allowing for a more mobile work force with devices that are safe, secure and manageable.

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