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    Intel® Technologies for Retail

    The future knows what your customers want before they ever start shopping.

    Technology is transforming retail by connecting the personalized experience of the past with the savvy customers of the future. Through advances in customer analytics and insights, Intel and Zones enables richer customer experiences, intelligent supply chain management, and more. Discover a new era of data-driven responsive retail that will change the way customers shop.

    Learn more about Intel® Technology Solutions for Retail. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 today.

    Empower your most innovative solutions

    With immersive, amazing video experiences, 7th gen Intel® Core processors and select Intel® Celeron® and Intel Atom® processors promise to help retailers build greater customer engagement, heighten excitement and interest with context-rich visual experiences, personalize the experience to build customer loyalty, and gather and analyze customer purchase and behavior data quickly.

    Shopping made smarter

    Technology has the power to connect data to physical goods like never before, bringing responsive retail and IoT to the connected shoppers of the future. Learn how businesses can evolve to unify the physical and digital worlds, adapt to quickly changing customer preferences, and create more engaging shopping experiences.

    Data-driven decision-making

    Retailers are gaining a competitive edge by applying analytics to functional areas, such as marketing, operations, and customer intelligence. Analytics can help retailers stock popular items based on real-time trends, know when to run promotions, and match customers to the most relevant products.