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    Intel® Authenticate


    Unmatched identity protection.

    Any time an employee's username and password are compromised, your business is vulnerable. Changing an eight-character password every 90 days worked well a decade ago, but increasingly commonplace attack methods–such as password cracking, phishing, and screen scraping–call for a new kind of protection. Tighten identity protection with the Intel® Authenticate Solution on new Intel® Core vPro processor-based computers.

    The Intel Authenticate Solution supports hardened factors and how they are implemented, managed, and enforced. The technology is built into the platform of the latest Intel Core vPro processor-based systems. It reduces the vulnerabilities of software-only solutions by hardening platform security outside of the operating system so that your organization has a stronger security posture.

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    Log in with a look

    Facial recognition is changing the game for identity management. For users, logging in is easier than ever–just look at the device and you're in. No more remembering and changing passwords, no more calls to IT for forgotten credentials. And IT will appreciate a higher level of security coupled with fewer service tickets from angry, locked-out users.

    IT gets security. Users get productivity. Win-win.

    Stronger security once came at the price of user productivity. The more layers of protection IT added, the more burdensome work became for users, forcing them to remember complex, ever-changing passwords and utilize cumbersome identity management software that practically required IT certification to operate.

    With the Intel Authenticate Solution, that concern is history. It's designed to maximize identity protection and employee ease of use by taking advantage of new authentication factors that turn people into their own passwords.

    And the Intel Authenticate Solution takes security and simplicity even further by grounding multifactor authentication into the hardware of the device. This locks credentials into a vault of protected silicon while also providing consistent, built-in, and intuitive authentication procedures for users. That way, employees can securely log in and get working faster, more reliably, and from just about anywhere.