Boost employee productivity and enable your remote workforce

Modernize your workforce to work where they want, how they want

Employees require constant connectivity, better flexibility, and specialized tools in order to stay productive. Companies have expressed how difficult it is to provide their remote employees with the support they need.

As more employees work off-site, transition between home and work offices, or access their work from multiple devices, legacy applications can't always keep up. Have you considered how your current tools enable productivity outside of the office?

Schedule a complimentary WVD Technical Briefing and discuss if Windows Virtual Desktop is the next step in your Modernization journey.

Secure Connectivity

Your priority is keeping your business safe. With dispersed workers, shared documents, and employees accessing documents from different networks, it can be difficult to ensure that sensitive information remains secure.


Work is no longer constrained to the office. Employees need to be able to stay productive whether working remote, in the field, or on-site.

Personalization – One size does not fit all

Employees expect personalized tools that can meet their individual demands. Different roles require different applications and resource allocation.

Are your tools up to the challenge?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a remote desktop solution that will empower your employees to stay productive no matter where they are working.

  • With Windows Virtual Desktop, employees can securely connect to their desktop anywhere with internet access. They'll remain productive from any location.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop is the best virtualized Windows and Office experience, giving employees the tools they need on any eligible device.
  • Personalization is simple to set up through the Azure portal.Give each employee the specific tools and applications they need to succeed.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop will work with any budget. Use your qualifying Microsoft 365 or Windows 10* licenses to get the best price available.

WVD Technical Briefing

This complimentary offering will provide you with an in-depth view of the value WVD offers and will help prepare you for a Windows Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept. During this engagement, you will receive:

  • Learn the fundamentals of WVD on Azure.
  • Receive a hands-on demo of WVD on Azure.
  • Get best practices on WVD application support and security.
  • Develop Proof of Concept on implementing and setting up WVD in your environment.

Zones is the perfect partner for your Windows Virtual Desktop deployment.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have a team of Microsoft experts who bring years of experience building and managing remote office technology.

We will review your requirements and an architect will design a solution that can scale to meet the needs of your remote workforce quickly and effectively. We will also bring in a team of cybersecurity professionals who will evaluate your current environment and recommend actions to improve the security posture of your organization.