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Volume Licensing


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Zones and Microsoft work together to put software in the hands of educators and students so they can interact, collaborate and learn.

The following types of educational entities are typically eligible to purchase through Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing programs:

  • Educational institutions
  • Administrative offices and boards of education
  • Public libraries and museums
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Volume Licensing Programs

The Academic Volume Licensing program that is best for you depends on the size and type of your institution and how you want to acquire Microsoft licenses and Online Services. There are two types of programs: subscription and perpetual.

Subscription Licensing

Subscription licensing gives you rights to use the products that you license – plus covered upgrades and downgrades – over the license period. Subscription licensing is great for institutions that want:

  • Access to the latest technology at the lowest upfront cost
  • The convenience of counting people or computers once per year
  • Easy compliance by knowing all users or computers are licensed for the year
  • Automatic Software Assurance coverage

Perpetual licensing

In perpetual licensing programs, you purchase the software licenses, so your organization has rights to the software after the licensing term ends. Perpetual licensing is great for institutions that want:

  • To own their software licenses
  • Transactional-based purchases of licenses in specific quantities
  • Optional Software Assurance coverage

Program Comparison

Zones software licensing experts can help you choose the most cost-effective program. The summary that follows lets you compare your licensing options.

  Enrollment for Education Solutions School Enrollment Open License for Academic Select Plus for Academic
Program Type and Term Length
Agreement/enrollment term 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years 2 years 2 years
Institution Type
Primary and secondary schools and districts
Higher education  
Institution Size
5-249 computers    
250+ computers  
5+ full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or students      
1,000+ FTE employees or students      
Software Assurance

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