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    Microsoft products and solutions from Zones

    Volume Licensing


    Deliver innovations that support patient care and safety

    Get the technology that will help your organization support patient health and safety, whether it is on-premises software or Online Services. Volume Licensing programs are tailored to your organization's size and needs, making it simple to predict and manage license purchases.

    Evaluate your licensing options with the Zones team that continues to win awards from Microsoft for operational excellence. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663.

    To get started with Volume Licensing, determine the business type of your health organization. Microsoft offers:

    • Commercial licensing for privately run health organizations.
    • Government licensing for any government organization or institution that:
      • - Provides health services and coverage.
      • - Sets or decides healthcare policy across a nation, state, or country.
      • - Provides funding for health services and coverage
      • - Has a regulatory role in health services and coverage

    Since definitions for government eligibility varies by region, a Zones licensing expert can help you choose the most cost effective program.

    Office 365 is available to commercial, government, and academic health organizations through the Enterprise Agreement and Open Programs, and to nonprofit organizations through Open License.

    Small to Midsize Health Organizations

    Open License

    Acquire licenses from Zones through an easy, one-time transaction. Software Assurance is optional.

    Open Value

    Offers simplified license management, predictable software costs, and spread payments. Software Assurance is included.

    Open Value Subscription

    Get the same benefits as Open Value with lower up-front costs. This program provides access to Microsoft software licenses for the term of the agreement through subscription-based licensing. A one-year Open Value Subscription option is also available for eligible government health customers.

    Midsize to Large Health Organizations

    Enterprise Agreement

    Standardize technology across your organization with the latest Microsoft products. Provides simplified license management with a single agreement, predictable software costs, and spread payments. Software Assurance is included.

    Enterprise Subscription Agreement

    Get the same benefits as the Enterprise Agreement with lower up-front costs. Includes access to Microsoft software licenses only for the term of the agreement through subscription-based licensing. Software Assurance is included.

    Select Plus

    Acquire Microsoft software licenses and services at any affiliate or department level, while realizing advantages as one organization. Select Plus offers the flexibility to acquire licenses as needed, a single agreement with no specific end date, and a single Lead Affiliate customer ID to streamline account management. Software Assurance is optional.

    Software Assurance

    Microsoft Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps you get the most out of your software investment. It combines the latest software with phone support available 24 hours a day, Zones planning services, training, and IT tools that help customers deploy, manage, and migrate software.

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    Contact your Zones account executive directly, call 800.408.9663, or email sales@zones.com