Microsoft products and solutions from Zones

Windows 10

Building the Education Platform for the 21st Century Learning

Windows 10 is the best platform for helping both students and teachers achieve in the classroom.

Imagine the thrill of writing notes directly on webpages! Only Microsoft Edge has the built-in technology that lets you write or type directly on webpages. Transform any webpage into your canvas. Students and teachers can easily mark-up webpages, share mark-ups with others, enjoy reading online articles free of distractions, and have all their favorite reads organized into a convenient reading list.

You can also get quick answers for weather, stock, definitions, and calculations – even the most popular fun facts like "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" – Right from the address bar.

Discover how Microsoft solutions can help your students and teachers do great things. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663.

Better Learning Outcomes

Technology should help students learn and improve the education process.

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Affordable Device and Solutions

Microsoft understands the need for a range of devices and solutions to meet the diverse needs of schools around the world.

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Safety and Security

Institutions require manageable identities and secure devices focused on threat and malware resistance by design.

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Simple to Deploy and Manage

For 1 classroom or 100, 1 teacher or 1,000 Windows 10 allows school to deploy and manage their way.

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