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Augment your private cloud to deliver IT as a service (ITaaS)

NetApp understands how external cloud services play an increasing role in the IT plans of most enterprises. The cloud takes the business advantages of virtualization and shared infrastructure to new heights, delivering even greater business agility and cost savings.

  • Accelerate time to market with on-demand infrastructure
  • Liberate administrative resources by outsourcing non-core applications
  • Reduce IT capital requirements with a pay-as-you-go expense model
  • Improve data protection with disk-based backup and disaster recovery
  • Leverage reliable and secure cloud services through NetApp partners

Executive Overview: NetApp Strategy for Seamless Data Management in the Cloud

Zones and NetApp can work with you to understand your requirements and connect you with the right service provider to meet your cloud business requirements. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

NetApp Technologies

NetApp foundational capabilities enable service providers to deliver secure, reliable cloud services at the lowest possible cost while meeting diverse enterprise needs.

  • NetApp secure multi-tenancy enables end users to reap the cost benefits of a shared infrastructure without sacrificing the security of a dedicated environment.
  • A portfolio of storage efficiency capabilities, including Snapshot copies, deduplication, and thin provisioning, allows service providers to offer enterprise-grade storage to end users at competitive prices.
  • Data mobility techniques eliminate maintenance windows, providing 24/7 continuous data availability for all tenants within a shared service.
  • NetApp integrated data protection provides high availability; enterprise strength security; and robust, disk-based backup, archive, compliance, and disaster recovery features.
  • NetApp Unified Architecture allows service providers to better respond to customer needs for a variety of services, performance levels, and protocols at minimal cost.
  • NetApp scale-up and scale-out capabilities empower service providers to scale performance and capacity on demand, improving service levels and cost for end users.
  • Policy-based automation and analytics speed deployment and provide near real-time monitoring and alerts to safeguard availability and performance guarantees.

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