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FAS Storage

Deploy unified storage optimized for I/O, expandability, and reliability

As corporations continue to drive faster time to market and higher customer satisfaction, they need new ways to deliver greater speed and responsiveness from key business operations. IT leaders are focused on adding new components to their IT infrastructure that offer consistent, low-latency delivery of data to and from critical workloads.

While FAS systems might seem similar to other server and storage system designs, the way components are integrated is significantly different. NetApp FAS systems:

  • Are optimized to perform I/O
  • Offer broad network connectivity
  • Scale to support hundreds or thousands of drives
  • Integrate flash technology to accelerate performance
  • Are built to detect and stop errors as data moves through the system
  • Eliminate single points of failure
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FAS2500 Hybrid Storage Array

Whatever the size of your enterprise, you need powerful, flexible storage that manages growth while delivering capabilities to maximize the long-term value of your IT investment. The NetApp FAS2500 series simplifies storage operations and connection to the cloud with a unified architecture that supports a broader set of SAN and NAS workloads faster than any other entry-class hybrid array.

  • Accelerate your SAN and NAS workloads with up to 5x the hybrid flash
  • Set up in minutes and eliminate repetitive operations
  • Upgrade software and add or retire storage with zero downtime
  • Manage 2-3 times more storage and reduce storage consumption by 50%
  • Enable seamless data movement in and out of the cloud

Find out more about how the FAS2500 series can help manage your growing storage demands. Contact the NetApp storage experts at Zones by calling your Zones account manager or 800.408.9663.

FAS8000 Hybrid Storage Array

NetApp FAS8000 Series storage systems are designed to adapt faster to changing business needs while delivering on core IT requirements for uptime, scalability, and cost-efficiency. NetApp's most powerful hybrid storage array, the FAS8080 EX is built specifically for business-critical workloads requiring massive performance (up to 4M IOPS), multi-PB scale, and leading flash integration – including all-flash configurations.

  • Accelerate SAN and NAS workloads with 2x the performance and scale to 57PB
  • Increase return on assets and cloud-enable existing storage with FlexArray
  • Perform installs 3x faster and simplify application integration
  • Consolidate storage and improve price/performance by 2x
  • Deliver nondisruptive operations and 99.999% or greater availability
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