Trend Micro Network Security

Protection from known, unknown, and undisclosed threats

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Through strong integration between intrusion prevention solutions (IPS) and advanced threat protection (including sandboxing), Trend Micro provides an artful blend of cross-generational techniques and advanced threat detection to maximize your protection and go beyond known and unknown.

  • Integrated detection and prevention of known and unknown threats, with unique early protection for undisclosed threats through data from the Trend Micro™ Zero Day Initiative™
  • Advanced threat protection capability – monitors 100+ protocols with a single appliance
  • Detects threats inbound, outbound, and laterally across the network
  • First to deliver transparent, inline network security with AWS Transit Gateway

Optimized performance. Automated and connected.

Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

Protect against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities in your network

Advanced Threat Protection

Detect and respond to targeted attacks moving inbound, outbound, and laterally