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    Veritas products and solutions from Zones

    Business Continuity

    Veritas InfoScale Availability

    Maximum uptime for mission-critical applications

    InfoScale Availability provides high availability and disaster recovery over any distance for your critical business services, including individual databases, custom applications, and complex multitier applications across physical and virtual environments.

    Intelligent monitoring for applications and infrastructure detects possible risks to availability and automatically recovers applications when needed. InfoScale automatically detects site outages and either automatically or at your command will recover to a disaster recovery site. With built-in testing to proactively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services, InfoScale Availability helps minimize unwanted downtime of your critical business services.

    Zones is your trusted provider of Veritas and other business continuity solutions. For more information or to place an order contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663


    • Automates failover of critical business services including databases and applications within a data center or to multiple remote data centers.
    • Dynamically determines application or virtual machine failover target with AdaptiveHA based on forecasted available capacity at target system.
    • Supports heterogeneous physical and virtual operating system platforms with out-of-the-box solutions for all major enterprise applications including leading database, application, and storage vendors.
    • Leverages the comprehensive management platform provided by Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager to allow administrators to monitor, manage and report on multiple clusters on different platforms from a single web-based console.
    • Integration with Virtual Business Services (VBS), provides orchestrated and automated recovery for applications composed of multiple components running on different physical and virtual tiers, adding resilience to business services.
    • Failover applications without a VM reboot to standby healthy virtual machines, for fast application recovery from any failure without impacting VMware features such as VMware® vMotion and Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS).
    • Intelligent Monitoring Framework feature enables faster detection of faults with asynchronous monitoring. Failures can be detected instantaneously instead of waiting for a non-response from a faulted resource.
    • Provides comprehensive disaster recovery testing with no impact to in-product applications.
    • Ensure cluster upgrades do not impact application availability. Cluster Server software can be upgraded without bringing production applications offline.