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    Veritas products and solutions from Zones

    Information Governance

    Veritas Information Map

    Visualizine unstructured data

    Information Map helps your organization optimize information storage and reduce information risk.

    • Aggregates a comprehensive, continuous, and consistent representation of your global information environment
    • Provides visibility into that environment to identify areas of risk, areas of value, and areas of waste
    • Delivers that visibility in dynamic form, so users can adjust the context to aid in decision making
    • Offers an integrated platform vision that maximizes technology investment in the future
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    Visualize information
    The Information Map provides an immersive visual experience for end users to gain insight into your organization's unstructured data.

    Remediate information
    Once users have filtered, navigated, or searched their way to a dataset of interest, the Information Map allows you to export the list of items in the dataset to a CSV file. Using the list of files and the Information Map visuals themselves, customers can pursue a number of use cases with new decision criteria available to them.

    Cloud deployment built with Information Fabric Technology
    The Information Map is hosted in the Veritas cloud data center offering a high level of security, availability, and the big data capabilities of its underlying Information Fabric Technology. The Information Fabric Technology Platform aggregates and stores the metadata characteristics of an organization?s global unstructured information environment. The insights represented in the Information Map are rendered from the data aggregated by the information fabric technology.