Zones Cloud v2.0

Automating procurement, provisioning, and management for our Zones Cloud subscription clients.

Zones Cloud v2.0 is our web-based self-service platform that enables our clients to transact and manage their cloud subscriptions through a single, centralized management console. Zones Cloud v2.0 enables our customers to easily purchase and manage their cloud services and associated subscription ordering, provisioning, and management through a great online marketplace experience including intuitive self-service controls for each subscription.

Getting started is easy, too. Ask your Zones account manager to activate your free Zones Cloud account today.

To ensure Zones is able to continuously evolve with market trends and our clients' buying requirements, we developed Zones Cloud v2.0 as a modular platform using fundamental building blocks. This technology, in turn, powers our cloud commerce engine:

Cloud Solutions Marketplace

Zones Cloud v2.0 provides easy access to multiple strategic partners and their SaaS and IaaS subscription offers.

Subscription Transparency

Zones Cloud v2.0 provides clients with fully integrated self-service capabilities to research, quote, purchase, provision, view, and manage their cloud subscriptions.

Orders and History


Subscription Status & Reporting

Subscription Management


Cloud Subscription Management

Zones clients and service managers alike can view all active subscriptions and modify them as needed, all via our easy-to-use customer control panels. Users can add new subscriptions, adjust their existing subscriptions, or cancel subscriptions when necessary.

With Zones Cloud v2.0, you get...

A new and improved e-commerce platform.
Focused primarily on cloud subscriptions, including SaaS, IaaS, and XaaS. Integrates well with monthly recurring revenue business models.

Easier ordering.
Quickly order subscriptions or update the ones you have already, including manually fulfilling orders where needed.

Fast results!
Zones Cloud 2.0 is available now to all Zones clients, though our current focus is on Microsoft CSP customers first.