Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Comprehensive, proactive testing and analysis services to defend against cyberthreats and maintain a strong, secure IT infrastructure

Organizations large and small face IT vulnerabilities. From the network firewall to critical web servers and applications, the risk is high with nation-state actors and organized criminals looking to take your intellectual property and ransom you for big monies.

No doubt, you've seen the stories about ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks putting businesses in a chokehold. A data breach that exposes sensitive information doesn't just harm your business operations and reputation. It can also become a severe liability with lawsuits in tow. And depending on your industry, you may also be subject to fines for failing to meet regulatory data protection compliance requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, Gramm-Leach, and FedRAMP.

The complexity of perimeters, networks, systems, and applications continues to grow. With Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD), and the daily discovery of new exploits, the United States Government is encouraging organizations to properly secure their environments. They are even pushing for Continuous Authorizations to Operate (CATO) solutions.

With limited IT staff and in-house expertise, many organizations outsource vulnerability assessment and penetration (VAPT) testing services to a trusted services provider. Doing so reduces your operational burden. It also frees your IT staff to focus more time and energy on core business processes and growth initiatives.

Why Choose Zones for VAPT

We have a healthy obsession with security. Network security. System security. Application security. Data security.

From Zones' state-of-the art global facilities, our trusted IT security experts follow a structured, proactive approach to VAPT. As your services provider, we will:

  • Provide comprehensive testing of your IT infrastructure, including applications, servers and network components, to proactively enhance your IT security posture
  • Analyze test results to uncover vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure at the OS, applications, and network level and reduce your information and infrastructure security risk
  • Help you comply with regulatory standards and improve overall operational efficiency
End-To-End Support
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: End-To-End Support

Zones will perform comprehensive vulnerability scanning and reporting in which we:

  • Assess your security posture
  • Identify gaps and check for potential risks
  • Identify false positives
  • Provide further analysis of vulnerabilities

We'll go through the reports with you. You'll have 45 days to complete threat remediation, after which we will re-scan for those vulnerabilities we identified.

False Positive Analysis
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: False Positive Analysis

Identification of false positives plays an important role in vulnerability management. Our thorough analysis eliminates false positives, significantly reducing the time and energy you spend on unnecessary remediation fixes.

Risk Analysis
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing: Risk Analysis

We will provide a risk analysis for every major vulnerability. Each analysis describes the business impact of the vulnerability and recommends steps to remediate the problem.

Zones' Approach To Web Application Penetration Testing

Our approach combines the use of automated pen-testing tools with a manual technical security assessment to identify vulnerabilities in your:

  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • Mobile and thick client applications

With this approach, we can identify all the common vulnerabilities indicated by the leading industry frameworks, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standard. Our application security assessment services employ a five-part methodology (see illustration).

Zones Web testing methodology: app profiling/scanning; vulnerability determination/exploitation; reporting and re-assessment. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing.

The risks are too great. Learn more about how Zones can help defend your organization against cyberthreats with vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.