Data Center

Software Defined Networking

Increase data center flexibility, scalability, and efficiency

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is reducing the complexity, expense, and time associated with network administration in large data centers across all industries.

SDN provides controller-based networking for end-to-end visibility across the network, and the ability to move application workloads between compute resources connected to different physical switches, without requiring network reconfigurations.

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SDN offers significant advantages in large data centers, including:

Cost Reduction

SDN reduces operating costs through automation of network administration.

Overhead Reduction

SDN reduces or eliminates the need to configure VLANSs on physical routers, switches, and related networking devices in order to isolate customer virtual machines from other customers.

Centralized security

The SDN controller represents a central point of control for consistent security and policy information across the enterprise, simplifying the application of firewall and content filtering policies.

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