Digital Signage


Enhance and improve visual communications

How can digital signage help my facility?

Effective communication across government and public buildings requires a flexible, highly visible platform that can handle a diverse range of information.

Today's digital signage solutions offer an engaging, easy-to-manage effective method of conveying the most up-to-date information across facilities of all shapes and sizes.

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Key use cases of digital signage for government organizations include:

  • Deliver vital, time-sensitive information to visitors and staff across government or public buildings.
  • Keep constituents informed with timely information and direct them to community services.
  • Notify people of emergencies and instructions for dealing with the situations.
  • Streamline visitor navigation through interactive way-finding and digital maps.
  • Effectively deliver important announcements to large groups across multiple locations or smaller groups in specific, secure locations.
  • Maintain real-time communications from a remote, central location.
  • Broadcast important meetings and government sessions to the public for superior transparency.
  • Create vibrant, interactive public displays, and exhibits to increase citizen engagement.
  • Make information readily available to speakers of other languages through multilingual digital capabilities.
  • Reduce resource-consumption and increase the cost efficiency of your visual communications.
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