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    Enable higher quality care and benefit your business

    Connecting health providers with mobile technology drives decisions that are faster, better informed, and built on shared expertise.

    Support continuous collaborative care to facilitate patient/provider interactions while also streamlining processes such as check-in/discharge, and increasing data security to protect patient privacy.

    We make it possible for you to:

    • Enhance provider and patient interaction
    • Improve check-in and discharge processes
    • Reduce the number of paper forms
    • Ensure regulation compliance
    • Improve data management
    Move your mobility strategy forward to support your team and your patients. To speak with a solution specialist, contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

    Zones Mobility Strategy Planning

    Our solution specialists assist you with integrating mobile technologies to provide secure, non-stop collaboration and communication.

    Here we highlight some common key elements of successful strategies:

    Mobilize Healthcare Staff

    • Replace workstations with tablets and mobile devices
    • Assess Wi-Fi networks to identify capabilities and areas of concern
    • Enroll and establish device policies through mobile device management

    Secure Content and Ensure Compliance

    • Assess current security policies and permissions throughout all locations
    • Improve content and network security through encryption and single sign-on solutions

    Create Future Proof Data Management Strategy

    • Implement data performance and analytics
    • Optimize data storage through cloud and on-premises solutions
    • Adopt mobile device, content, and application management solutions

    These and other strategic initiatives are easily achieved with our help. To get started, ask your Zones account manager about a no-cost solution workshop.