Wired & Wireless Networking

Your network should facilitate digital transformation, not hold it back.

Zones' technical experts are here to make that happen. Whether you need help resolving network performance issues, implementing an upgraded network for today's mobile- and cloud-first world, or managing your Wi-Fi network, Zones has you covered.

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Start at the Beginning

Put simply, digital transformation keeps you competitive, and your network is the pathway to it. High-performing, secure wireless networks – ones agile enough to keep up with today's surplus information – are more important than ever.

Fortunately, Zones can help your network reach that level. From Network Assessments to planning, implementation, and ongoing management and support, we can optimize your network for the digital age with ease.

Streamline and Save

Many legacy networking technologies are complex to use, costly to manage, and cumbersome to scale. On top of that, traffic is growing at a staggering rate: mobile data traffic grew roughly tenfold from 2014 to 2019, and studies predict we'll see 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

How can you handle these new demands? Let our experts optimize your network with a software-centric model. This approach allows for greater speed and agility, simpler management, and easier scaling as your business grows.

Offload Support

As businesses and organizations go wireless, the demands and expectations for greater Wi-Fi performance continue to increase. Greater dependence on Wi-Fi networks also means more disruption, frustration, and lost productivity when users can't get the access they need.

Fortunately, Zones Managed Wi-Fi Services free customers from the cost and burden of managing their Wi-Fi networks so that their valuable IT teams can focus on higher-value, more strategic projects.

Stay Secure

Using multi-vendor products, tools, and applications leads to isolated security management methodologies – and given how costly a breach can be, businesses today can't afford to choose between security and high-performance infrastructure.

Our Network Security solutions leverage next-generation firewall technology to analyze network traffic – including SSL encrypted traffic – for potential threats. By understanding how your network bandwidth is being used, you can prioritize mission-critical applications and keep your team as productive as possible.