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Data Center

Zones is helping government agencies modernize their data centers to achieve their cost savings, environmental sustainability, security, and consolidation goals.

Zones Solution Architects hold the highest levels of certification from the manufacturers Zones represents. These highly trained professionals will work side by side with you to implement effective, efficient IT systems, whether you're consolidating servers to meet the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, transitioning specific workloads to cloud, or have other data center projects on your list. Located across the U.S., Zones team members are always readily available to discuss or design any project you're considering.

Zones is your complete IT solutions and services provider data center solutions that meet government mandates and drive successful results. For more information, contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.


Whether you're consolidating servers, considering a converged infrastructure, or doing a server upgrade, Zones can help. Our server experts can help you leverage server solutions from the top IT manufacturers in the industry to achieve cost savings, maintain environmental sustainability, and deliver the power and features to support demanding network infrastructures.


Like other industries, federal agencies are becoming overwhelmed by the vast amounts of data they must store, manage, and secure. Zones has the expertise, experience, and IT partnerships to deliver innovative and efficient storage solutions that can be built into flexible and efficient storage infrastructures.


Virtualization solutions help governments transform their IT departments into efficient, flexible enterprises that can respond faster to the needs of policymakers, agencies, and constituents while reducing IT infrastructure and operating costs. Zones Solution Architects work with you and our partners including VMware and leading IT hardware manufacturers to streamline procurement and implementation of your virtualized environment.


Cloud computing is changing the way federal agencies deliver and consume IT servers. And IT decision makers need access to comprehensive, secure, enterprise-grade cloud solutions that they can deploy within existing environments - at scale. The Zones cloud solution team delivers these solutions to help you create an efficient and agile pool of on-demand resources whether they exist in a private, hybrid, or public cloud.

Power & Cooling

The data center is the backbone of your IT infrastructure, ensuring always-on availability. Zones offers innovative, mission-critical solutions that maintain high availability systems and facilitate increased energy efficiency. From the data center to the server room, Zones can assess your IT environment end-to-end to provide assistance with everything from configuration to procurement.

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