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At Zones, our software specialists help you evaluate and manage your entire software license portfolio. They ensure you select the most cost-effective software license program option, and partner with you for implementation of contracts and paperwork. On a continual basis, they keep IT and procurement teams up to date with new information and upgrades. Count on Zones software specialists to maximize the value of your license programs and provide ongoing strategic planning.

Zones is your complete IT solutions provider for Higher Education. For more information, contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.381.9663

Zones provides business applications enabling users to perform critical business functions such as increasing and measuring productivity, or performing tasks and functions accurately. Most business applications are built based on the requirements from the users.

Data protection security software restricts access to the data and files on a network and computer. With Zones, you can get access to top-level brands in endpoint protection, data loss prevention, encryption, antivirus, mobile device security, and more.

Server virtualization software allows the administrator of a server to create various virtual machines on the host machine. One of the primary benefits is that it allows you to increase the scale of your server infrastructure without purchasing additional pieces of hardware. This reduces server sprawl and allows resources to be used more efficiently.

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