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Deliver powerful educational content to students at an affordable price with your choice of Chromebooks and Android tablets. Zones offers a variety of affordable Android tablets for the classroom that are compatible with Google Play for Education. We also provide seamless and cost-effective options to configure and prepare these devices for deployment in one school or across a district.

Zones is your complete IT solutions and services provider for K-12 education. For more information, contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.408.9663

Zones is helping K-12 academic institutions like yours acquire and manage tablets by offering both Android and Chrome management solutions along with a variety of tablets from the industry's top manufacturers.


Chromebooks are designed to help students learn in a mobile and interactive environment, with files and settings stored in the cloud so that they can be easily shared and accessed from any device. Fast, affordable, and mobile Chromebooks give students and teachers access to all the educational resources of the web.

Google Play for Education

Android tablets are portable enough to take learning anywhere, and powerful enough to open up countless new classroom possibilities. And Google Play for Education makes it easy to find the apps, books, and videos that bring learning to life.

When it's time to roll out classroom technology, Zones can also provide comprehensive networking solutions to ensure you derive the maximum value and performance from the classroom technologies in your schools. A Zones Account Manager can detail the full range of networking, communications, security, data center, and deployment solutions and services to support any classroom technology initiative.

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