Software Lifecycle Management

Maximizing benefits while safeguarding
your business

Zones Software Lifecycle Management services provide effective oversight, control, and monitoring of software assets. You'll lessen the costs, risks, and complexity associated with end-to-end software management. From software reporting and expert consultations to training your team, we have everything covered.
Stay on top of your software assets with our custom consulting, tools, and resources. Contact your Zones account manager or call 1.800.408.9663 today.

Quarterly Management Services

Zones Quarterly Software Management services are continuous interactions and collaboration with your Zones team on the state of your software environment.

We'll meet with you on a quarterly basis to review information such as:

  • Software purchases
  • Upcoming events
  • Renewal dates
  • Annual payments
  • Recommended services

Through our ongoing collaboration and reporting, we can help you optimize your software assets, saving you time and money.

Zones Discovery Services

Quickly and effortlessly gain deep insight into everything that's inside your data centerand what you need to know about it - to plan projects, eliminate unnecessary costs, and minimize risk.

Take a closer look at your IT infrastructure

Zones Workshops

Expand technical knowledge and skills to design, deploy, and manage Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Workshop modules are organized by scenario and technology, and demonstrations augment workshop materials.

Learn the advanced technologies that benefit your business.