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    Data Loss Prevention Risk Assessments

    Discover, monitor, and protect sensitive business data

    Prevent accidental or malicious loss of data by facilitating early risk detection and mitigation. We can help you reduce risk of exposure with assessments that provide information about data traveling through the network (data-in-motion assessment) and where sensitive data resides (data-at-rest assessment).

    To rapidly assess the risk of data loss and to understand what to do next, Zones offers multiple data loss prevention (DLP) assessments. Our Advanced Solution Group team will help you validate your data security requirements and priorities, and share insights into best practices to proactively secure data wherever it is stored or used.

    Data in Motion DLP Risk Assessment

    Identify the sensitive data leaving your organization. During the assessment, the system monitors outbound email, web, file transfer protocol (FTP), and other configured protocols for sensitive content based on configured policy.

    Data at Rest DLP Risk Assessment

    Identify sensitive data residing within your organization. The system scans network files shares for sensitive content based on configured policy, no actionable response rules are configured during the assessment.

    Data Risk Assessment

    By combining data in motion and at rest risk assessments, you'll gain insight into sensitive data leaving and residing with your organization. The system monitors outbound email, web, FTP, and other configured protocols for sensitive content based on configured policy. In addition, the system scans network file shares for data at rest.

    Request an Assessment

    We'll provide you with assessment services that determine the current state of your data center, cloud, mobility, and software environments. And our readiness assessments are the first step to supporting a new technology, application, architecture, or solution.