For remote IT support services, plus value-added services and superior end-user experiences, Zones is the helping hand your people need.

Zones brings a wide range of services together into one all-encompassing solution. And we make it available for a single, predictable price per device per month.

Our certified technicians are available 16 hours a day, 5 days a week – or we can customize their availability to fit your requirements.

Hardware Support
Hardware Support
  • Overall product support, including laptops, desktops, and associated peripherals
  • Troubleshoot hardware-related issues and provide fixes
  • Record and manage product warranties
  • Soft break-fix services
Software Support
Software Support
  • Answer product software-related questions
  • Provide technical assistance for OEM-provided native applications
  • OS and firmware update assistance
  • Best effort basis support for all other running apps
Additional Services
Additional Services
  • Call triaging and ticket scoping
  • Ticket creation for L2 teams
  • OEM coordination for part delivery and product issues
  • Field managed service coordination for break-fix/IMAC-D service tickets
  • Procurement-related assistance

DeviceCare Services help organizations modernize the way they support end-users in a post-pandemic digital age.

Digitally connected teams working remotely or in a hybrid environment need IT support that helps them resolve problems faster. They need a modern solution that:

  • Anticipates problems
  • Automates support requests
  • Resolves issues as they surface

It's all about maximizing your team's productivity and satisfaction.

How DeviceCare Benefits Your People

Superior End-User Experience
Superior End-User Experience
  • Certified technicians are available during business and non-business hours
  • Get multi-lingual support for all your users' hardware, software, and associated peripherals
  • Contact options for support include a toll-free phone number, email, chatbot, and live chat
Reduced Downtime
Reduced Downtime
  • With 16/5 access to capable tech support, end-user downtime tends to fall by about 90% on average
  • No more wasted time spent waiting for overworked in-house IT staff to help
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management
  • Update your knowledge base on a timely basis with the latest SOPs and FAQs
  • Enables your Service Desk and do-it-yourselfers to resolve common issues quickly and reduce downtime
OEM/Vendor Coordination
OEM/Vendor Coordination
  • Get answers to OEM queries and technical assistance with OEM-provided native applications
  • We'll coordinate with OEMs for timely updates on break-fix services, acquiring replacement parts, and more

How DeviceCare Benefits Your Business

Cash Flow Management
  • Year-over-year TCO optimization
  • Seamless upsizing and downsizing
Less Strain on IT
  • Increased IT bandwidth for strategic initiatives
  • Centralized DeviceCare support provides a single point of contact and Zones coordinates with OEMs to resolve issues
Compliance Management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced eco-friendliness
Enhanced Productivity
  • Our proactive, data-driven approach to IT and device maintenance helps optimize device performance and anticipate common problems before they happen
  • Helps maximize uptime so your people can stay productive
End-to-End Quality Support
  • Certified and experienced technicians
  • Outbound call support
  • Inbound call services include automatic call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Improved asset management includes reporting, device warranties, insurance and software licenses
  • Purchase order processing and support
  • Onsite support services
  • And more

6 Reasons to Outsource End-User Hardware and Software Support

The Need for Specialized Skills
  • Your IT engineers have technical knowledge and expertise, but they're not able to resolve issues across multiple vendor platforms – or are spread too thin trying to keep up.
  • You'd like to free your IT staff to focus more time on mission-critical initiatives.
Administrative Overload
  • Multiple vendors and points of contact are taking too much of your time.
  • Multiple hardware maintenance contracts are a hassle to keep track of.
Growing Complexity & Security Threats
  • IT remote assistance and hardware environments are getting more diverse.
  • Post-pandemic cyberattacks increased due to BYOD, remote working, and non-corporate networks.
High Operating Expenses
  • Hiring enough in-house IT staff to support your needs requires a significant upfront investment in computer hardware and software.
  • Added staff salaries and benefits are an ongoing expense.
  • Supporting and maintaining added staff's hardware and software is an added expense.
Need Faster Problem Resolution
  • Anticipating problems and resolving issues quickly has become too big of a challenge.
EOSL & Hardware Upgrades
  • End of service life (EOSL) spells the end of OEMs providing maintenance and support for equipment you still count on.

Modernize the way your organization supports end-users in a post-pandemic digital age – with Zones DeviceCare Services.