Who We Work With

Who we work with strengthens our business and contributes to our success. As part of the Zones team, you will interact with our customers, industry specialists, sales support teams, and representatives from our vendor partners.

Vendor Partners

Building strategic partnerships is crucial in today's dynamic technological environment, where breakthroughs occur daily, even hourly. Over the past decade, Zones has developed just such partnerships with the top names in the computer industry. We work with more than 2,000 vendors to provide solutions to our customers.


We serve the small- to medium-sized business market, large organizations, Fortune 1000 companies, and the public sector (educational institutions and government agencies). We also have a specially trained sales team serving creative professionals.

Zones Team

Zones has several divisions that service specific customers, support teams that assist account executives, and the corporate sector that carries out other aspects of our business operations.

  • SMB Sales: Account executives who are responsible for selling a broad selection of IT products to small- to medium-sized businesses.
  • Enterprise Sales: Field-based account executives who are responsible for winning new large enterprise-level accounts.
  • Sales Management - Managers who guide, train, and lead a team of account executives. They assist account executives with developing an optimum portfolio.
  • Zones Professional Services - A team of technology experts who promote and oversee the completion of professional services offered through Zones.
  • Sales Support - Specialists who help maximize resources, formulate IT configurations, educate and inform customers, and ensure fulfillment.
  • Corporate - The majority of our corporate positions are in the Auburn, Washington office. These divisions include: executive team, merchandising, marketing, finance, human resources, training, MIS, and other areas of business operations.