Memory & Storage

Get the Speed. Keep the Capacity.

It's revolutionary - the first all-new class of memory in 25 years. Intel® Optane memory accelerates your system - delivering amazing speed and responsiveness without compromising system storage capacity.

Together, Intel® Optane memory and a 7th gen Intel® Core processor give you a snappy computer experience with short boost times, fast application launches, and responsive browsing.

Why Intel SSDs?

As a high-performance alternative to traditional spinning hard drives, Intel® Solid State Drives deliver new levels of speed, storage capacity and reliability.

  • Quality & Reliability - Validated on hundreds of platforms and engineered to deliver outstanding reliability for low total cost of ownership
  • World-Class Performance - Hardware-based encryption with no performance degradation or impact on battery life
Modernize your data center and devices to keep up with the demands of digital business with Intel Solid State Drives. Contact your Zones account executive or call 800.408.9663 today.

Amazing performance based on Intel® 3D NAND technology

For Data Center:
Intel® SSD DC P3520/S3520 Series lets you transition from SATA SSDs and HDDs cost-effectively. Optimized for high-density configurations and offering the low latency and high bandwidth of NVMe, this series enables up to 4.7x the performance of SATA, ideal for read-intensive workloads.

For Client:
The Intel® SSD Pro 6000p Series delivers power-efficient performance, enterprise-ready security, and remote management capabilities. Featuring single-sided capacities up to 1TB, AES 256-bit self-encryption, and Intel® Remote Secure Erase for effective data sanitation when retiring or re-using a device.