Zones nterprise – Services Delivery Management Platform

Managed IT Program Visibility in Real-Time

Complex IT initiatives require a suitably sophisticated solution.

Designed By Zones to Fulfill Your Project Requirements

Our Device Lifecycle Management (DLM), Field Services Management (FSM), and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions are all managed in one incredible, industry-leading platform. Purpose-built, with project management coordination, distributed workforce management, configurable dashboards, and more, Zones nterprise drives standardized and repeatable processes to deliver superior project results at your scale.

Helps project managers break down projects into standardized, trackable tasks and workflows.
Facilitates device provisioning, assembly, and deployment — at one of our facilities or yours.
Coordinates field work from one central system, with complete visibility for the entire project team.
Employs prescriptive automation to optimize efficiency of repeatable tasks and verify consistent results.
Provides a single source of reference for project details, and a single place to report issues or request additional services.

When your project is managed in Zones nterprise, you gain control over your IT landscape, enabling you to make informed decisions for better cost efficiency.

Your people and IT equipment are everywhere, and so is Zones nterprise. By connecting members of your team and ours, and providing real-time visibility to your resources, nterprise enables seamless collaboration wherever your business is going.

Benefits of the Zones nterprise Platform

nterprise is a best practice for Zones service delivery. By understanding the strategic advantages of nterprise, you'll realize the operational benefits of choosing Zones for your next project.

Agile and Flexible Framework

Zones nterprise manages the entire lifecycle of your IT assets, from assembly and provisioning, through installation, update and replacement, to recovery, testing and disposition, and even storage and redeployment.

Communicate and Collaborate within the Platform

Zones nterprise streamlines your information exchange, eliminates emails and spreadsheets from your critical data flows and enhances productivity across the entire project team by centralizing communication within one secure and integrated environment.

Real-Time Visibility

Zones nterprise provides exceptional visibility and real-time access to summary and detailed information about your Zones-managed program, available directly through the nterprise portal or through integration with your ITAM/ITSM/CMDB solution.

Consistent & Reliable Processes

Zones maintains ISO standards of quality in its services. From the first device or site visit through the last, you'll know what to expect and be confident throughout.

Centralized Data

By centralizing data, communications, and files in nterprise, Zones provides a single source of truth for all project stakeholders. During and after your project, look to nterprise for the answers you need.

Global Coverage

Zones nterprise is a web-based application that allows the management of service delivery projects with the same precision and flexibility, regardless of country or domain. If you have the internet, you have nterprise.

Process Flow with Zones nterprise: IT Workflow and Service Delivery Made Simple

Zones nterprise maximizes project speed-to-value. And in today's ever-changing landscape, this competitive advantage can make all the difference.

1- Initiate

Our Project Manager gathers your project requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of your vision, and incorporates them into a contract/SOW, marking the beginning of your tailored solution. The project manager coordinates requirements, setup, configuration, workflows, forms and report needs with the rest of the project team.

2- Plan

Our Project Manager oversees the configuration of the project in nterprise, including project-specific forms and reports. If integrations or customizations are in scope, they work with the nterprise Project Design Team to develop and verify those additional features. The setup process benefits from ongoing feedback.

3- Execute

Our Project Manager takes the reins, handling product orders, work orders, scheduling, technician assignments, any in-scope site visits, and overall project communication. The entire project team updates nterprise work orders as tasks are completed. Customers can request and approve work orders, as well as address notes and issues in real time.

4- Monitor

Project Managers use nterprise for on-time tracking and quality checks to identify and resolve issues and ensure tasks and projects stay on schedule. Meanwhile, through the nterprise portal, customers digitally approve or offer feedback on completed work, access reports and dashboards, and monitor project progress and communications.

5- Close

Project Managers efficiently resolve issues, close work orders, and generate project completion reports on nterprise. Customers can quickly approve project completion, provide feedback, and access reports through the portal.

Zones nterprise Supercharged for Innovation

Comprehensive Platform for Managing Today's Process-Centric IT Programs

Highly Configurable

Zones nterprise can incorporate your project requirements directly into the application:

  • Flexible project types
  • Structured workflows
  • Automated device configuration
  • Workforce intermediation
  • ServiceNow ITAM/ITSM/CMDB integration
  • Data retention
  • Detailed reporting


A modern architecture and microservices environment provides best-in-class capabilities:

  • Global availability
  • Real-time visibility
  • Automated configuration management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Third-party integrations


Zones nterprise supports a wide range of integration options:

  • nterprise direct push to customer applications
  • Customer push to nterprise using our customer-accessible API
  • Customer pull from nterprise using our customer-accessible API
  • Message queue polling of nterprise triggers event notifications
  • Customer sync between ServiceNow instances
  • Asset repository through Zones ServiceNow

Do More with Zones nterprise

Maximize business efficiency with automated processing, intelligent triggers, and custom rules for IT events.

Normalize and validate work request submissions in critical JIT workstreams, with optional approval queue.

Automatically create individual or related work orders, as needed, using advanced workflows to enable multi-threaded service delivery.

Leverage an easy-to-use portal for fast and convenient self-service experiences.

Monitor work progress, technician activity, notes, and attachments from your internet-connected device.

Configure rules and triggers to customize notifications, update work records, and automate data transfer.

Available 24x7 to request, monitor, and approve work across the globe, at our facilities or yours.

Employ API and ServiceNow integrations to harness out-of-the-box functionality.

Zones nterprise: "Mission Control" for Zones Service Delivery

Recognizing that there's no one-size-fits-all solution, nterprise adapts to the requirements and resources of each engagement. Zones nterprise provides a global web-based application that is available to all project stakeholders to request, view, execute, monitor, and complete IT services delivered under the project or program. Zones nterprise integrates seamlessly with Zones ServiceNow and Zones Asset Management instances, or with your ITAM/ITSM/CMDB solution, for exceptional communication and visibility, and a personalized fit for your unique engagement.

Get started with Zones today to experience modern IT service management, optimized workflows, and streamlined IT service delivery through our proprietary application, nterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Zones nterprise?

Zones nterprise is a proprietary application that reinforces the way Zones manages service delivery projects and programs, enabling Zones to complete your initiatives predictably and reliably, and scales well beyond traditional project management methods. Zones nterprise was purpose-built to manage large IT services projects more effectively, helping to standardize and verify the methods underlying each facet of your project, managing the people, places, processes, and assets that will ultimately drive your success.

Q: What can it do for me?

Zones + nterprise will:

  • Deliver your project or program successfully, at your scale
  • Earn your confidence with predictability, and keep it through consistent results
  • Keep you informed with timely notifications and reduce noise so you can focus on your work
  • Provide a single source of truth about your project so all stakeholders are referencing the same data
  • Gives you real-time visibility to your project information, any time and anywhere you need it
  • Help you achieve your IT initiatives more efficiently and effectively

Q: What can Zones nterprise platform be used for?

Zones nterprise technology can be employed across a diverse range of projects, including design & planning, staging and configuration, deployment and installation, maintenance and replacement, as well as triage, grading, and disposition of recovered assets. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide array of technological initiatives, spanning workplace technology, edge computing, data center technology, networking infrastructure, security technology, and IT asset disposition.

Q: Can Zones nterprise be integrated with my existing ERP system?

Absolutely! Zones nterprise does not compete with the ERP vertical; it supports a wide range of integration options based on your goals, skillsets, and resources.