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Unified Communication and Collaboration Services

Expert guidance, technology, and services to help your business reach its full potential – here, there, and anywhere your people and data exist.

Multiple Communication Channels Unified into One.

In an age of digital transformation, it's never been easier (and more important) to consolidate communication channels, such as voice, video, personal collaboration, and content sharing.
Enhance productivity
Improve team collaboration and empower remote workforces
Reduce infrastructure management costs
Increase flexibility
Improve the end-user experience

Businesses require innovative technology to keep moving forward, especially with remote and hybrid work environments becoming more common. More importantly, systems must be in place to ensure teams stay connected no matter where they do their work.

Unfortunately, new technology – and the learning curve that comes with it – can bring unintended side effects, like user frustration and decreased productivity.

And challenges are almost guaranteed if you make common missteps on your digital transformation journey – like choosing the wrong systems and procedures, providing insufficient training for new technology, or failing to monitor data continuously.

Fortunately, you can overcome these hurdles with Zones as your strategic partner.

"We believe technology is never better than when it brings people together – because technology without people is limited. It needs people behind it, in front of it, elevating it, and propelling it forward."

Get more than technology. Get expert guidance.

The surest way to make new technology more palatable for your team? Bring in reinforcements. Because an expert guide makes everything easier.

At Zones, our people have been helping large and small businesses implement new IT systems for decades. Plus, we're perfectly sized to offer unparalleled service – big enough to be global but small enough to stay nimble and offer boutique-style service.

Professional Services

  • Assessment services
  • Consulting services
  • Implementation services
  • Pilot and PoC services

Technical Services

  • Procurement
  • Install, move, add, and change (IMAC)
  • IT asset disposition (ITAD)
  • Remote and smart hands support

Managed Services

  • Monitoring services
  • L2/L3 support services

5 Characteristics of Effective Hybrid Work in 2023

What's the key to effective hybrid work? Driving communication, collaboration, and productivity. But what does that effort look like?

6 reasons to implement a UCC platform

  1. Enhance productivity: When your people can access different communication methods and share data from a single platform, it eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications – saving time and increasing productivity.
  2. Improve team collaboration and empower remote workforces: With a UCC platform, your distributed workforce can collaborate in real time, regardless of location. With instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, and screen sharing, team members can collaborate more effectively and efficiently. This can help to reduce misunderstandings, improve decision-making, and enhance teamwork.
  3. Reduce infrastructure management costs: By using a single platform, you can eliminate the need to invest in multiple communication tools and services – reducing your hardware, software, and maintenance costs.
  4. Increase flexibility: With features such as mobile and remote access, team members can work from anywhere and anytime. This can help increase productivity and improve work-life balance.
  5. Improve the end-user experience: Faster response times and more personalized interactions enhance the end-user experience. With features like video conferencing and screen sharing, your service desk agents can provide better support, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

We believe technology is never better than when it brings people together – because technology without people is limited. It needs people behind it, in front of it, elevating it, and propelling it forward.

With Zones' Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) Services, you'll get technology with a human touch that can make a real difference for your people and operations. Our customer-centered approach is all about solving your complex IT problems today with complete solutions that can transition tomorrow.

Whatever you need . . . Consider IT done.

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