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Response Services

Minimize the damage caused by a breach, speed up recovery, and improve future cyber resilience with Zones Incident Response Services.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment

We evaluate the current state of your organization and incident response program to provide custom recommendations.

Incident Response Planning

We can develop tailored processes for coordinated responses during cybersecurity events, or review your existing plan.

Incident Response Playbook

We will create a customized playbook for you, based on the most relevant cyberthreats facing your organization.

Tabletop Exercise

Discover gaps in policies, procedures, and processes with this interactive exercise.

Cyber Range Training

Our specialized training workshop will help your teams build the skills and experience they need to combat cyberthreats effectively.

Threat Hunting

Our proactive data review searches for signs of attacks that may have evaded previous detection.

Compromise Assessment

Our assessment searches for indicators of compromise (IOCs) or threat actors in your environment.

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