Zones Expertise

Zones is an IT solutions and services company with a global network of experts and partners that provide strategic solutions while simplifying fulfillment.

With a global network of offices, partners, and affiliates, Zones provides seamless support and services that ensure the integrity of your IT solutions.

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Meet the Zones Team

Zones services

Regardless of project scope, the IT professionals that make up the Zones services team always deliver successful results. Our Solution Architects, engineers, and project managers are readily available to clients across the U.S. and Canada. The Zones services team also supports our international enterprise customers through the Zones Europe and the Zones India corporate offices. Zones services designs, configures, and implements IT solutions as complex as data center moves and as essential as a corporate desktop deployment.

Zones Subject Matter Experts

A Zones subject matter expert (SMEs) holds the highest levels of technical certifications from key IT solution providers along with vendor-independent certifications. Each expert specializes in one IT category, which means customers get recommendations from someone who knows trends, technologies, and products inside and out. A Zones SME is brought in by the client's Zones Account Manager to participate in a project's planning phase and continues to provide ongoing expert support during a project. Zones SMEs are available to any client daily to answer questions and discuss IT challenges.

Zones Software Licensing Executives

A member of the Zones software licensing team is an authority in software applications, compliance, and software asset management. Zones licensing executives (LEs) work for our clients and do not act as a representative of a software solutions provider. This means that a Zones LE concentrates on eliciting the most value from software licensing agreements for the client. Receiving the Microsoft Operational Excellence Award multiple years in a row is just one barometer of Zones' level of expertise, commitment, and service excellence.

Zones Configuration and Integration Specialists

Zones performs system configurations, proof-of-concept builds, and other services through our strategically located Technology Solution Centers. Our locations are certified following ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure the delivery of high-quality solutions. Imaging, asset tagging, software installations, and break/fix support are just some of our core services. You can often find our architects and engineers on site personally facilitating projects. This collaborative environment ensures smooth and timely completion of all IT initiatives no matter the size.

Zones E-Procurement Specialists

ZonesConnect is a no-cost catalog of client-selected products with extensive workflow features that streamline IT procurement. The Zones e-commerce team creates and makes continuous improvements to ZonesConnect sites. A ZonesConnect site can also integrate with third-party marketplaces and consortiums to extend a client's existing procurement solution. The Zones Account Manager monitors ZonesConnect sites to ensure product availability and uninterrupted 24/7 access.

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