Zones Global

Zones leads the industry in global IT solutions and consulting services

Zones' global reach spans more than 100 countries with our corporate offices, distribution facilities, IT partners, and service affiliates supporting multinational organizations.

Zones global capabilities are made possible by our company-owned offices in Canada, Europe and India, as well as across the United States, and strategic partners located worldwide.

Building on an already solid foundation of service excellence, the global team conducts transactions in more than 20 currencies, and our in-country teams are fluent in the languages of their regions.

Headquartered in Toronto, Zones Canada is an authorized tier-one product and solutions provider. In all, Zones Canada's portfolio represents more than 1,000 suppliers. While east and west distribution centers expertly handle logistics, Zones service professionals round out the scope of our capabilities.

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Our London headquarters, Zones Europe, serves domestic and international organizations throughout the continent. In addition to Zones services and support across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, our capabilities include local shipments in 10 countries, hardware configurations, and software licensing services.

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Based in New Delhi, Zones India provides IT products, solutions and services to multinational organizations with operations in India. Products are distributed from 46 facilities across India to drive cost savings. Zones also provides consulting and project services across India.

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Zones Singapore is an authorized tier-one product and solutions provider, with a portfolio including more than 1,000 top suppliers. Our distribution centers expertly handle logistics and integrations, while our Zones service technicians round out the scope of our capabilities.

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Simplifying IT for multinational enterprises

Zones is a single source for the support, acquisition, deployment and lifecycle management of IT solutions throughout the United States and more than 100 other countries.

With more than 35 years' experience in the IT industry, Zones is an international sales and support organization with specialized divisions that excel in providing customized IT solutions. Many of the most recognized corporations within the Fortune 500 trust Zones to meet their IT hardware, software and service requirements.

Zones' global strategy allows us to provide measurable value such as:

Quantifiable cost-saving opportunities:

Zones helps clients leverage their current IT spend around the globe through vendor consolidation and improved manufacturer pricing.

Consultations and strategy planning:

Zones team members are located across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and are readily available to discuss and manage any project.

Local support and efficient deployment of technology:

Zones helps drive global IT initiatives and the projects associated with purchasing and delivering technology solutions.

The Zones difference: An experienced, knowledgeable global team

The Zones Global Team is a unique offering in the industry and an invaluable resource that functions as a dedicated extension of any IT organization. This team offers a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of how the IT industry and international commerce function, including:

  • Technology standards and nuances
  • Foreign currency transactions
  • Tax regulations
  • Freight and shipping
  • Accredited warranty services and post-sales support

Zones team members collaborate with an organization's stakeholders to identify how we can alleviate the challenges around the global distribution of IT products and solutions and IT lifecycle management. Zones clients always have a primary point of contact at Zones, regardless of the Zones office or partner involved in the project.

  • Global strategy planning support including guidance and best practices for a particular country or region's laws, customs and expectations.
  • In-market, presales support such as product research and specialized service offerings for a country or region.
  • Ongoing post-sales support to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • IT Staffing Augmentation services help organizations adapt to increasing market pressure for project delivery, changing workforce dynamics, and challenges in recruiting and retaining top talent. Our flexible, tailor-made IT staffing services help reduce the burden on your IT team by recruiting the most qualified professionals as and when needed.

Choosing fully-accredited global partners

Unlike a customary export strategy, the Zones network of corporate offices and well-credentialed strategic partners provide in-country services and support. We manage partner relationships to bring together our solutions architects, engineers, technicians and any other IT professionals the project requires.

Zones' partners are IT solution providers in their particular locales and have an IT and customer-service focus similar to that of Zones. Zones holds contractual and service-level agreements with these partners, and we maintain close, ongoing business relationships together. The relationships with our partners are thriving and we continue to develop partnerships in new locations around the world.

Zones is an authorized tier-one hardware and software solutions partner with leading IT manufacturers such as IBM, HP, Lenovo, Apple, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Symantec and VMware. In all, the Zones portfolio represents more than 2,000 suppliers in the support of our clients' unique IT infrastructure and business model.