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Zones IntelliPlanSM

Global Supply Chain Planning & Management Tool for GSCaaS Customers

As part of Zones Global Supply Chain as a Service (GSCaaS), Zones IntelliPlanSM empowers you with the end-to-end visibility and agility you need to make fast, confident decisions for your integrated business planning and global supply chain while reducing operating costs.

Capabilities & Key Features

Project Planning

Analytics-based planning and what-if scenarios

Capacity Planning

Collaborative forecasting that extends to suppliers

Demand Planning and Management

Automated part substitutions and successor execution

Supply Planning

Rapid reporting to track business initiatives and changes

Inventory Management

Automatic alerts to lead time delays, cost variations, end of life impacts, and more

Benefits of an IntelliPlanSM Enabled GSCaaS

End-to-end visibility from demand entry through shipping

Track what has been executed and shipped

See what is on schedule and what is potentially at risk

Proactively identify supply chain disturbances

Better meet demand with improved inventory levels

See and manage all demand, including statistical forecasting, from one place

Right size inventory levels, including excess and safety stock

Increase service level and availability

Collaborate across stakeholders

Improve collaboration within Zones and with your customers

Make better decisions thanks to a longer planning horizon

Gain insight into IT consumption trends and patterns by category

Identify your consumption and purchasing behaviors

Improve decision support for trade-offs and financial commitments

Zones Can Proactively Support and Manage Your Global IT Supply Chain for You

Zones IntelliPlanSM is an integral part of Zones Global Supply Chain as a Service (GSCaaS). Anywhere you need it, we can take care of your IT supply chain from end to end

Reduce your supply chain costs

Free up capital for other initiatives

Execute against difficult requirements

Find out more about Zones IntelliPlanSM and Global Supply Chain as a Service.