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Accelerate your retail digital transformation with end-to-end services and solutions from Zones

Save time and money while freeing yourself from the IT complexities of opening, closing, and refreshing retail stores and branch offices. Zones has modernized thousands of store and branch locations for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. As your retail technology partner, Zones will bring order, visibility, and efficiency to what is inherently a chaotic process.

IT solutions for the retail industry are complex, costly and rarely meet your time objectives. With today's workforce challenges, in-house IT staff are struggling to keep up with the required technical knowledge.

That's why we developed an innovative, cost-effective package of expert services, technology products, and software.

How Zones' Retail IT Solutions Benefit Your Business

  • Simplify every process and empower your workflows. We'll take end-to-end ownership of your retail technology deployments and lifecycle management. Let our experts handle the end-to-end staging, deployment, and installation of your retail technology strategy.
  • Consolidate and refresh your IT asset fleet with dynamic insights that give you a competitive edge.
  • Leverage Zones' eco-friendly disposition of outdated retail IT assets.
  • Realize significant cost savings by consolidating and operating all critical store systems in a centralized manner. And by shifting activities to Zones, you force multiply your mission-critical efforts while reducing IT costs.
  • Go where you want to grow. We've invested heavily in our global supply chain, so you don't have to. Across the U.S. and more than 100 countries worldwide, our competitors can't match our ability to help you grow.

Whether you're opening a brand-new retail or branch location, rejuvenating operations with exciting new technologies, or reducing your footprint based on need, Zones can help you make it happen faster and easier.

Our end-to-end Retail IT services expedite your transformation and support you at every stage.

Evaluate your existing process for location addition, refresh, move, and closure, and identify gaps in visibility, planning, and efficiency.

Design and

Define the store or branch concept, plus needs and product requirements unique to the geographical location.


Support end-to-end planning: delivery and schedule management, resource scheduling, and freight/transportation management. Includes a closeout meeting to review performance metrics, celebrate your wins, and review future projects.


Low voltage cable installations on demand or per your project specifications. We follow industry best practices for installation, layout and project communications with construction teams.


Deploy local technical resources to fill capacity gaps where you need them.


Provide a fee-for-service break/fix option for equipment repairs as part of, or in addition to, any managed services agreements.


Deploy a customer-provided image or configuration specification for all deployed devices. Plus, all software and configurations are loaded and tested at a Zones Technology Solution Center prior to installation.

Apple Experts

Provision, enroll and fully commission all available Apple products that your team needs.

Installation Services

Equipment from our Technology Solution Centers installed at your location and commissioned to your specifications.

IT Asset

Offer a broad range of services, including equipment disposal, remarketing, refurbishment, restocking, and data destruction.

24/7/365 technical
support available

Contact our Service Desk via chat, email, and phone.

Let's Talk Logistics

Managing multiple IT vendors and local deliveries is a pain in the register.

You've got to deal with supply chain issues . . . coordinate hardware deliveries . . . schedule technology configurations and testing before deployment . . . and don't forget about removing outdated equipment in an environmentally responsible way.

Whether for new retail store or branch office openings, moves, refreshes, or closures, you're sure to be managing it all against tight timelines.

We can take care of that for you.

With an unmatched global supply chain and expert, end-to-end retail IT services, Zones can help eliminate the logistical nightmares and added costs of managing multiple vendors. Instead, we'll be your single point of contact providing complete visibility into every phase of your project.

While you focus on core business matters, Zones can handle the rest. We'll bring order and efficiency to everything from technology procurement, configuration, and shipping to on-site installation, testing, technical support, and reporting.

And be environmentally compliant.

Zones' IT Asset Disposition service includes cost-effective, secure, and eco-friendly processes to help you achieve your environmental compliance goals.

Equipment Disposal

We work with R2- and e-Steward-certified recyclers to ensure e-waste is handled in a safe, legal, and environmentally sensitive way.



To increase your overall ROI for decommissioned IT assets, Zones resells retired equipment under a revenue-sharing agreement with you.

Refurbishment and Restock
and Restock

We ensure equipment is fully functional, clean, and repackaged before stocking in our Logistics and Integration Center. Refurbished equipment can be redeployed on schedule or on-demand.

Secure Data Destruction
Data Destruction

Hard drive wipes adhere to DoD 5220.22m standards. Drives are physically crushed, rendering the data unreadable, and you will receive a certificate of destruction.

How Will Your Smart Retail Transformation Look?

Smart retail is about using the Internet of Things (IoT) to adapt and innovate. With smart technologies, Zones will help you transform traditional brick-and-mortar shopping into faster, more convenient, and more engaging customer experiences.

Create a more inviting in-store customer experience

Customers love in-store experiences that are creative, personalized, and immersive. But deploying innovative solutions at volume and velocity isn't easy.

Zones can help modernize your store or branch office by seamlessly managing the sourcing and deployment of innovative solutions.
Retail digital signage

Retail digital signage does more than greet customers. It can create revenue-generating opportunities by allowing you to change promotional messaging quickly, update prices, and better engage customers. You can even create interactive customer experiences using in-store TV screens.

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks enhance the customer experience, enabling do-it-yourself shoppers to quickly and securely scan and pay for products themselves. Linking kiosks to your loyalty program and Apple Pay™ enables customers to enjoy an even faster buying experience.

Advanced and mobile point-of-sale solutions

Advanced and mobile point-of-sale solutions expedite customer checkout by enabling retail associates to complete the process safely and securely from anywhere in the store. Speed, convenience, and choice unlock key flexibility for that transaction.

Contactless curbside pickup

Contactless curbside pickup has become a popular option for customers. To succeed, you need mobile devices that support collaboration, analytics, and sales transactions.

Smart dressing rooms

Smart dressing rooms allow customers to adjust the lighting in their room, view garments in different sizes and colors, and browse through recommendations based on what they are trying on. In addition, augmented reality (AR) mirrors let customers try on different outfits in virtual locations.

Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi enables you to offer your customers free Wi-Fi. This adds value to the customer experience and gives them a reason to stay longer – and potentially spend more money.

Traffic heatmaps

Traffic heatmaps give you anonymous location analytics about where shoppers walked and stopped in your store. Use it to identify high-performing traffic areas and support decisions about merchandising, staff assignments, and store floor plans.

Get started with a FREE, no-obligation Smart Retail Assessment.

Related Information

It's an Omnichannel World and We All Live in It

Have consumers ever been as empowered as they are today – online and off? (Sorry, rhetorical question.)

A true omnichannel customer journey creates a seamless, integrated customer experience across multiple channels. That means having a cohesive strategy that tightly knits channels together.

An omnichannel strategy benefits customers and retailers alike.

  • Customers can learn more about your brand and offerings online before stepping foot in-store.
  • By offering expanded shopping options, you give them the flexibility to order online and pick up in-store or at your curbside.
  • In-store retail technology enhances the customer experience and gives you new ways to engage customers and increase sales.
  • With unique customer analytics, you can personalize their experiences with your brand and offer discounts and other promotional offers based on what they're interested in.
  • You may even turn customers into brand advocates eager to leave positive reviews and share their experiences on social media.

In an omnichannel world, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores can co-exist in a way that satisfies the needs of every kind of consumer. But to remain competitive, you must have the agility to adapt and innovate.

As your retail IT partner, Zones will help ensure your smart retail transformation creates inviting customer experiences that set your business apart from the competition.

Why Brick-and-Mortar Stores Continue to Get the Lion's Share of Retail Sales

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic's significant toll on brick-and-mortar retail locations, we saw a great comeback story in 2021.

Retail sales grew to $6.6 trillion – 17.9% greater than 2020 – making it one of the strongest years in U.S. retail history. And brick-and-mortar retail was the greatest beneficiary, with in-store sales growing faster than e-commerce for the first time.1

That's not surprising. After the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns, enthusiastic consumers were more than ready to get away from their homes and into the stores. Still, the in-store retail channel has always earned the vast majority of retail sales, even with e-commerce's share rising.

Why is that?

Many an emotional connection has been made between a shopper and that metaphorical puppy in the window. Brick-and-mortar retail is a multisensory experience that e-commerce can't match – even allowing for the "cool factor" of immersive 3D virtual shopping.

As Fast Company reported in March 2022, "E-commerce, for all its benefits, is fundamentally different from in-store and in-restaurant experiences. Customers from all walks of life still crave in-location experiences, pandemic or no pandemic."2


1. Jason Goldberg, "Brick And Mortar Sales Grew Faster Than E-Commerce In 2021." Forbes, Feb. 16, 2022 (accessed June 13, 2022).
2. Bobby Marhamat, "Four predictions for the future of brick and mortar in 2022." Fast Company, March 7, 2022 (accessed June 13, 2022).