Digital Workplace Solutions

End-to-end workplace transformation and management services to drive secure, immersive, and collaborative experiences

Reimagine Your Hybrid Workplace with the Power of Digital

In the era of hybrid work, your workforce is only as good as the digital workplace it operates in. From productivity to employee experience, your workplace has a clear impact on your customers and your bottom line. That's why mitigating digital friction and curating experiences that delight is the key to unleashing the real potential of your organization.

But the challenges of the digital workplace are numerous and varied – overburdened IT help desks, disengaged remote workers, and non-compliance with digital policies are just a few of them.

Eliminate these challenges and curate a flexible, agile, and adaptive digital workplace with our end-to-end Digital Workplace Solutions, plus additional Zones services:

Support a global workforce with always-on Service Desk services.

Deliver unified hybrid experiences with remote desktop engineering.

Empower frictionless collaboration with unified communication freeways.

Secure your hybrid workforce and maintain 100% compliance.

Eliminate fatigue from digital workflows with AI and automation.

Deliver device- and environment-agnostic experiences.

"Eliminate challenges and curate a flexible, agile, and adaptive digital workplace with our end-to-end Digital Workplace Solutions, plus additional Zones services."

"Zones stands out for its strong capabilities in persona-centric workplace technology ecosystem design and management, as well as its professional services, incident management, and digital experience-centric managed services, helping clients strategize, support and enhance their workplace transformation initiatives."

— Mrinal Rai
Principal Analyst and Senior Manager, ISG

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Unlock your organization's potential with our end-to-end services and solutions

IT Lifecycle Services

Optimize your IT operations from start to finish with our comprehensive IT Lifecycle Services. Zones IT Lifecycle Services streamline processes and reduce costs, delivering efficient and effective management of your IT assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Service Desk and Device Management

Transform your workplace with our Digital Workplace Solutions for modern, efficient, and productive experiences. Zones Workplace Services empower your modern workforce with superior experiences and effective collaboration.

SaaS and Cloud Software

Power collaborative hybrid work environments, increase productivity, and give people the flexibility to work more seamlessly across your organization with Zones Hybrid Workplace Solutions.

Communication and Collaboration Services

Power secure, seamless collaboration and borderless communication for your hybrid workforce with SaaS services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

Virtualization can help simplify IT management, improve application reliability, and reduce IT spend. Virtualization improves both compute utilization and workload availability.

We help you understand the complexity of your current environment and the benefits you'll receive from virtualization with our Virtualization Assessment.

End-to-end solutions

Zones' service and solution process is proven and repeatable. It takes the guesswork out of creating cost-effective, best-in-class solutions that increase efficiency, optimize workflows, and enhance your return on investment. And you can expect Five-Star Service every step of the way.

We prioritize collaboration from the start. We'll work with you to build a strategy based on your needs and opportunities. This phase includes a business case envisioning session, environment assessment, and architectural design session.
Following an approved SOW, we'll uncover your best technological fit by defining strategic goals, discovering user requirements, and conceptualizing the architecture. We'll also conduct a competitive analysis to capture industry trends.
During deployment and implementation, our Solution Architects conduct inspections to help solve any challenges early on. Frequent contact with project stakeholders will ensure consensus and help ensure issues are resolved quickly.
A long-term partnership between your organization and Zones can begin after deployment. We will follow a management roadmap that ensures sustainable innovation, supports digital transformation, and provides first-line support.

The Future of Work Is Digital. Are You Ready?

Find out with a digital workplace assessment from Zones.