Windows 11 Migration Services

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Microsoft Windows 11 enhances your desktop experience with a fresh look and feel, adding tremendous value. Windows 11 brings additional advantages like:

Enhanced and sleek user interface.

Windows Security app built into the OS. It has an easy-to-use interface and combines commonly used security features that improve performance.

Rich customization for enhanced user experience.

There's no better time than now to start planning your migration to the latest Windows OS, as support for Windows 10 is ending in 2025. And Zones has an end-to-end solution for that.

Partnering with Zones can turn your Windows 11 migration into a smooth, hassle-free process, thanks to Zones' Windows 11 Migration Factory. And our customer-focused, human approach to technology means you'll have an expert advisor with you every step of the way.

"Microsoft Windows 11 enhances your desktop experience with a fresh look and feel, adding tremendous value."

Windows 11 Migration Factory Services

Assessment Services

  • Current state analysis
  • Migration readiness report/dashboard
  • Recommendations

Migration Consulting Services

  • Assessment services
  • Migration planning and design
  • Pilot and product rollout approach

Implementation Services

  • Consulting during migration
  • Infrastructure setup
  • PoC and pilot services
  • Windows 10 to Windows 11 migration
  • Monitor performance of migration and devices
  • Post-migration support

Industry-proven migration framework

Partnering with Zones can turn your migration into a smooth, hassle-free process, thanks to Zones' Windows 11 Migration Factory. This service is built on an industry-proven migration framework, specially crafted to match the expectations of the end-to-end process.


Evaluate your team's structure and core business with technical requirements, distill a conceptual solution, and design a primary focus. This phase ultimately transforms the separate pieces into a diversified yet integrated program.


Identify the existing environment and drive the evolution of the conceptual design to a more concrete, scalable, resilient, and secure function.


Optimize the design of a fully engineered and automated solution to create the most efficient method. After developing the design, process, procedures, and applications, the project proceeds to the testing phase.


Let the migration begin! It starts with finalizing the upgraded units and determining the method of upgrading the devices. Upgrade results are monitored and reported in the post-migration phase and reviewed to ensure a well-structured migration to provide Hypercare Support.

Post-Migration Hypercare Support

Troubleshoot any failed upgrades or other migration-related issues. Zones will update affected PCs to certify that users are brought up to speed.

Windows 11 Migration Using Microsoft Intune

Find out how to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and several prerequisites for success.

Business value and benefits

Reporting provides performance insights and progress updates during your Windows migration journey. In addition, below we list exclusive reports you can only get by working with Zones. Let our experts take care of this complicated process for you.

Exclusive Reports:

  • Device performance
  • Application performance
  • Migration progress report

Additional Exclusive Reports:

  • User experience score
  • Application version report
  • Hardware right-sizing report
  • Application usage report

Ready to turn your Windows 11 migration into a hassle-free process and get exclusive reports only available from Zones?