Modern Device Management

Deploy processes and tools to keep your endpoints running in a seamless, secure, and compliant state at all times.

Unleash Workforce Productivity Without Compromising on Security and Compliance

Implement Modern Device Management (MDM) solutions to drive productivity, compliance and security across your hybrid, distributed workplace.

MDM setup and configuration
Migration and modernization
Application and patch management
8x5 and 16x5 remote assistance

In today's modern workplaces, end-users are distributed across geographies. They access enterprise resources through a variety of devices and connect to them through multiple networks. In these workplaces, IT teams do not have physical access to devices and lack visibility into the configuration and performance of devices.

Without a central approach to managing these distributed endpoints, enterprises are exposed to a multitude of risks. These include configuration drift of devices, network security risks, unauthorized access to resources, and non-compliance of IT policies. In addition, lack of adequate access to remote support starts affecting the productivity of remote workers.

Modern workplaces must attain complete visibility into all endpoints and maintain their configurations remotely in a central fashion. MDM services from Zones enable your organization to effectively manage your distributed hybrid workplace, while maintaining your user devices for peak productivity.

Zones will partner with you to implement effective MDM architectures and solutions, handle patch and application management for your enterprise, and deliver expert remote assistance to your end-users.

"Best-in-class MDM solutions enable you to secure, provision, and manage all endpoints through a single pane of glass."

MDM Services to effectively manage distributed workplaces.

MDM Setup and Configuration

Implement and configure MD solutions to manage laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and POS devices
  • Source and implement the ideal Mobile Device Management Solution based on your requirements.
  • Set up automated device enrolment, updates and reporting, and endpoint search solutions.
  • Create and enforce MDM policies to manage and secure endpoints.

Application and Patch Management

Centrally source, deploy, and maintain applications for your end-users
  • Manage enterprise application catalog and optimize by remediation of excess spending.
  • Track vulnerabilities in software and environments and deploy patches to devices remotely.

Compliance and Security Management

Keep your endpoints running securely and implement continuous reporting for compliance.
  • Allow and deny applications and access rights, enforce password policies, and detect configuration drift.
  • Generate granular reports on devices, networks, and data access based on your compliance requirements.

Managed Support Services

Deliver on-demand assistance to your end-users.
  • Deliver expert remote assistance to end-users with HIPAA and GDPR compliant remote desktop solution.
  • Enterprise-wide L1, L2 and L3 managed support services delivered by skilled Service Desk agents and certified technicians.

MDM empowers flexible and productive workplaces without compromising on security and compliance.

Standardization:  Enable your IT to provision, manage and secure endpoints for your corporate environment in a standardized fashion.
Automation:  Automate key aspects of device configuration, provisioning, and testing, and reduce your IT administration overheads.
Productivity:  Provision new devices in hours and provide access to enterprise resources for end-users securely from day one.
Risk reduction:  Detect non-compliance to internal and external policies and take corrective action immediately.
Bring Your Own Approved Devie (BYOAD):  Enable users to connect to enterprise resources through personal devices securely and reduce your IT costs.
Spend optimization:  Eliminate wasted spending on unused or underutilized software and minimize instances of over-subscription.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):  Minimize the overall spend to budget by a holistic, end-to-end view of your IT and business budgets.

6 reasons to partner with Zones for Modern Device Management.

Thorough assessments to understand your environment enable our teams to design and implement the best-fit MDM solution.

Best-in-class MDM solutions enable organizations to secure, provision, and manage all endpoints through a single pane of glass.

Managed services help you eliminate the complexity and time out of device provisioning, application catalog management, and patch management.

Remote assistance delivered by certified technicians and HIPAA and GDPR compliant remote desktop solutions.

Managed support services delivered by trained and certified L2 and L3 agents help you eliminate trouble tickets in minutes.

Add-on services for conducting pilots and PoCs, implementing integrations, and leading migration and digital transformation initiatives.

Build your hybrid workplace with secure and resilient foundations.

Leverage Zones Modern Device Management services to unleash peak productivity for your end-users without slowing them down.